Weightless Case Study

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Weightless offers a new standard for an exciting new connected world. Weightless technologies are the open standard for wireless connectivity specifications for low power, wide area networks. They are specifically designed for the Internet of Things (IoT). Weightless technology is the communication standard that is connecting the world - from smart cities to smart agriculture, it is the future of M2M communication.


Weightless SIG is the membership body that oversees development of the communication protocols and steers development of the standard. A key goal for the SIG is to increase visibility and uptake of the open standard, in preference to the competing commercial interests of companies with their own proprietary IoT comms standards. As the only 'open' standard, they have a very strong and easy to make case for adoption of the Weightless standard over proprietary standards. However, as a not-for-profit organisation, they also have to compete against much larger marketing budgets, and established commercial relationships. Therefore the challenge the SIG presented to Realnet was not to just redesign their website, but to completely overhaul and transform their online presence into a highly effective marketing channel, that would grow the membership base.


The SIG already had a website, but they were confronted with various limitations whilst trying to get their message across. The site was difficult to maintain and adding content was often a laborious task; a major hindrance in such a fast moving technology environment. And critically, beyond offering a newsletter sign-up, it did not allow for any real interaction with the new standards' huge potential audience.

They therefore approached development agencies, looking for the right company that could help them use the internet to grow their membership. Realnet considered where things were going wrong and demonstrated that a wider view of processes and tools was necessary to achieve their goal.


Realnet helped the SIG to strip their ideas back and explained that they must create and structure the journey that takes people towards the exciting world of IoT. We looked at how content could be structured to appeal and be of use to the different user types that are involved in the technology; from developers with ideas, all the way to blue chips and Governments. We also advised on and integrated other online tools into the site, to enable Weightless SIG to realise and develop their ideas for structured user journeys for different persona - all the way from discovery to the appropriate type of membership.

Having mapped and developed the vision for the new website and surrounding tools, there was one final complication that needed to be overcome. An imminent major press release meant that the digital footprint of the Weightless SIG would have to be prepared for an influx of interest in an exceptionally short timescale.

Not to be deterred, together we set about rationalising the essential and desirable aspects of the project. A staged delivery plan was created to allow the site to be built and available to the public on schedule, with some of the more complex aspects of functionality such as online membership payments sectioned off for a second delivery phase.

On the 5th of May, Weightless-N Open standard was announced to the world's technology press.



"I am delighted with the work that you have done and the beautiful site that you have created. We have the very best platform on which to execute our marketing and engagement programme and I am truly grateful.

Our success is now going to be down to how well I use the resource that you have created and how good our proposition is. That’s all I can ask of a talented team of developers - if we fail it won’t be because of the quality of the online marketing machine that we have created."

Alan Woolhouse, Marketing Director

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